kids cooking for kids #1

a new cooking show produced by kids for kids – find out more at

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  1. rachelrayandsissymae Says:

    me and my sister …
    me and my sister have a cooking show you are goin down

  2. bgamos Says:

    The twins are now …
    The twins are now 14 years old. They were 12 when we started filming the series and they were 5 when they began cooking with Mom.

    Bruce Amos

  3. clayker39 Says:

    how old are you?
    how old are you?

  4. jrchefs Says:

    Check out …
    Check out jrchefsofamerica com and submit your webisode for our contest or just submit to be featured!

  5. bgamos Says:

    michael and will …
    michael and will never cook without parental supervision

  6. ty120000000 Says:

    thats not fare …
    thats not fare although i am a kid but my parents won’t let me cook by myself, where did u learn that at young chef acadamy?

  7. poohead1234567890123 Says:

    Wow!!!! That looks …
    Wow!!!! That looks yummy! How old are you? Im 10 and I love cooking!

  8. flamefreakchic Says:

    hey, I hate shrimp …
    hey, I hate shrimp but that looked good, I’m also more of a Tereaki(woah spelling?) person too.

  9. gracewithsix Says:

    We want you to come …
    We want you to come visit our house. It looks great. We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see you and your friends try it on camera. Would you recommend it for children or adults?

  10. afrogirl123 Says:

    you should come …
    you should come cook at my house

  11. mooseman7989 Says:

    I also like to cook …
    I also like to cook. You can cook better than me though. Good job!!!

  12. godspeed18 Says:

    great job! always …
    great job! always good to see young enthusiastic cooks!!

  13. hutt5 Says:

    Great video! My …
    Great video! My daughter (12 years old) wants to do this same thing… make a cooking video on YouTube. Best wishes for you guys, and with your TV show! Might I ask what channel & area it is airing on?

  14. bgamos Says:

    Michael and Will …
    Michael and Will are twins, they are 13 years old.

  15. Jayk95Jayk Says:

    May I ask how old …
    May I ask how old are these children

  16. heatherkaylie Says:

    hahaha i cant cook …
    hahaha i cant cook like that and im 22!

  17. bgamos Says:

    good point. thanks …
    good point. thanks for your note

  18. bgamos Says:

    thanks for your …
    thanks for your nice note. will is going to be joined by his brother in a cooking show that will launch in the eastern U.S. during the summer. keep an eye out for

  19. jeanniemdly Says:

    I love this kid, …
    I love this kid, he’s going places!!!!!

  20. theartjunkie Says:

    2 T of water = 1 oz …
    2 T of water = 1 oz =) good job kids, you’re up to scale with some of the people i know and i got le cordon bleu……

  21. vtec1baller Says:

    very nice job i …
    very nice job i also like to cook very much at a young age, keep up the work

  22. bgamos Says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your note. Keep an eye out for Michael and Will on TV in “kids cooking for kids”

  23. bgamos Says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your thoughtful note. Keep an eye out for our show on TV.

  24. bgamos Says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your note. We will visit your site.

  25. bgamos Says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your note. We have just finished a pilot TV show which we are seeking distribution. Perhaps the twins could be guests on your show. I will be at the NATPE convention later this month. Thanks again for your nice note. Bruce Amos, Michael and Will’s Dad.

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